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Mailing Address:
Henderson County Detention Center
380 Borax Dr.
Henderson, KY 42419


The following standards are set forth by the Henderson County Jailer and are as follows:

501 KAR 3:140 SECTION 2. (1-3)

  1. The Jailer shall have written policy and procedure for receiving and sending mail that:
    1. Protects prisoner’s personal rights; and
    2. Provides for security practices consistent with the operation of the jail.
  2. A prisoner shall be allowed to correspond with anyone if the correspondence does not violate state or federal law.  Caution shall be taken to protect prisoner rights in accordance with court decisions regarding correspondence.  A jailer may enact a policy prohibiting the sending or receipt of prisoner-to-prisoner mail.  The policy shall permit the jailer discretion to grant the privilege.
  3. Incoming mail may be opened and inspected for contraband prior to delivery.  Mail received from the court, an attorney of record or a public official may be opened and inspected only in the presence of the prisoner.

Henderson County Detention Center Mail Policy:
     It is the policy of the Henderson County Detention Center to ensure the ability of an inmate to communicate with persons outside the facility, except where such restrictions are clearly necessary to the maintenance of the order and security of the facility.

Mail Procedure:
  1. Any inmate may correspond with anyone outside the detention center, so long as each letter or parcel bears the proper postage; except when the parcel or postage poses a threat to the security of the facility.
    1. No non-relative inmates are authorized to write each other while housed within the Henderson County Detention Center.
    2. Relatives incarcerated at Henderson Detention at the same time must get permission to correspond via mail to each other.  A requisition form is needed to begin this process. 
    3. Inmates who have inmate-to-inmate mail inside their property from mail violations will not receive these mail items until transfer or release from this facility.
  2. All letters addressed to inmates may be opened and inspected by a detention officer for search of contraband or materials & information that threatens the security of the facility.
    1. Letters shall not be read by the detention staff without a court order to do so unless directed by the jailer or chief deputy pertaining to a security risk to the facility or staff.
    2. Legal documents from an attorney, court, or other public official will be opened and scanned for contraband items in the presence of the recipient inmate during scheduled mail pass.
  3. All parcels will be accepted within the 1st seven (7) days of incarceration and upon approval of the property officer for intake and processing.  All parcels not meeting these criteria will be returned to sender.
  4. All items within a parcel will be visually inspected for contraband items and authorization within the facility.  Excess and unauthorized items are turned over to the property officer.
  5. Cash monies and money orders are the only form of money accepted.  Theses items will be logged and placed onto the inmate’s account for use upon receipt into the mailroom.   Inmates will be notified of any receipt of money via moil and a physical receipt will be administered.
  6. All contraband items and censorship items will be confiscated and notification of actions will be delivered to the inmate receiving such items.  An investigation into all dangerous/illegal contraband items will be opened.
  7. Any mail deemed undeliverable due to transfer or release will be returned to sender.
  8. Inmates who have been declared “indigent” will receive the following mail items monthly:
    • 3-stamped envelopes
    • 3-pencils
    • 6-pieces of paper
    • 1-pencil eraser

Special Circumstance Exceptions:

  1. Any inmate who has been declared indigent and has need to correspond with legal council or represents himself and is in need of sending legal paperwork pertaining to his case will be reviewed on a case by case basis for indigent mail supplies.  This must be initiated through the requisition process.
  2. Any mail in violation of the existing policy or procedures may result in restrictions and disciplinary actions.
  3. All special circumstance mail issues will be addressed via memo to all inmates in advance with detailed instructions.  (i.e. Christmas packages)
  4. Items such as drawings, newspaper articles and pictures not on photo paper will be shown to the inmate and placed into their long –term property location.
  5. The chief of Inmate Service Branch may approve or disapprove certain mail items on a case-by-case basis (i.e. memorial documents, pictures or cards)

Censorship Guidelines:
The following shall items shall not be allowed through the mail or permitted in the inmate’s possession or in the living quarters and shall be confiscated as censored materials.

  1. Items portraying types of sexual acts to include photographs or explicit drawings of nude persons whose sexual organs are exposed; or Descriptive text describing sexual acts.
  2. Postage stamps, envelopes, blank paper, blank cards, stationary
  3. Pens, pencils, markers, crayons
  4. Colored envelopes
  5. Clothing
  6. Personal checks
  7. Polaroid pictures or photo copied photos
  8. Photographs or Cards larger than 5x7
  9. Audio or video tapes, cds or dvds not legal in nature
  10. Pop up cards, homemade cards, stickers, items containing glitter
  11. Printed material
  12. Jewelry
  13. Books, magazines or publication including Newspapers and Newspaper clippings
  14. Gang related material (gang signs/wirting)
  15. Coloring pages or drawings
  16. Items deemed inappropriate by staff
  17. Illustrations and/or text which show or describe the manufacture or fabrication of weapons such as guns, bombs, incendiary devices, etc.
  18. Other items which can categorically be expected to encourage violent or disruptive behavior by the particular inmate or among the inmates generally.

Note: A review committee consisting of a member of the inmate service branch and the Guard commander shall approve/disapprove all questionable materials.